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Temur Adventure – a NeverEnding Story

Hello again, this time I would like to talk a bit about this Standard metagame and a specific archetype, Temur Adventure, It is somehow that the deck is still a viable choice since when it became a deck with the release of Throne of Eldraine.

The Metagame


Lately this Standard is mostly about Companions (which you can read about in Dante’s article) the most popular one is by far Yorion, Sky Nomad in the most played deck Jeskai Lukka, the cheap and strong deck Boros Cycle with Lurrus of the Dream-Den and in the last weeks also Obosh, the Preypiercer Mono Red. To give you an example, I played into the Redbull Untapped an Online 2 days tournament with something around 2500 players. In the Day 1 Jeskai Lukka feat Yorion, Sky Nomad was 19.8% of the field, Boros Cycle the 10.6% and Obosh, the Preypiercer Mono Red the 8.4%.

To recap the 38,8% of the Day 1 was playing Companions and this is without counting all the rest of the rest of the decks that where less played but still present, like Bant Yorion, Lurrus or Obosh Sacrifice, Keruga, the Macrosage Jeskai Fires and some more others. We can easily see that around 50% of the field was Companion decks and we are talking about 2500 players! From this numbers we understand that Companions are definitely strong and 80 cards decks are actually a thing.

To make a point we can say that the Tier 1 decks in this Standard are, Jeskai Yorion/Lukka, Boros Cycle, Obosh Red, Bant Yorion and finally a deck without Companion, Temur Reclamation. Maybe Lurrus Sacrifice could be included, but most likely the decks are those and the rest is considered Tier 1.5




I usually play Tier 1 decks all the time, but sometime after a while playing most of the Tier 1 decks you get bored of them and search for something new, or maybe like in this case take from under the dust something old but still functional. Well that is why I decided to test and play Temur Adventure for the Untapped tournament.

One of the main reason is that as a fair/good match up against Jeskai Lukka, Obosh Red and a fair game against most of the Meta, the deck is not to happy to play against Temur Reclamation but still a playable match up.

How the deck is still playable after all this time and the changes of the Metagame?


Well the deck it is still playable because of the game flexibility it has, don’t get me wrong I mean the gameplay only, because funny enough the decklist is basically the same stock list of the beginning with only 2 flex slots and the 15 cards in the sideboard that change time to time.

Main Deck
4 Beanstalk Giant
4 Bonecrusher Giant
4 Brazen Borrower
4 Breeding Pool
2 Adventorous Impulse
4 Edgewall Innkeeper
3 Escape to the Wilds
4 Fae of Wishes
7 Forest
4 Island
3 Ketria Triome
4 Lovestruck Beast
4 Lucky Clover
2 Mountain
1 Steam Vents
4 Stomping Ground
1 Temple of Epiphany
1 Temple of Mystery


1 Disdainful Stroke
1 Domri’s Ambush
1 Escape to the Wilds
1 Expansion // Explosion
1 Fling
1 Grafdigger’s Cage
1 Mystic Repeal
1 Negate
1 Mythos of Illuna
1 Once and Future
1 Redcap Melee
1 Shadowspear
1 Flame Sweep
1 Storm’s Wrath


This is the decklist I played and that gave me a satisfying 6-1-1 into Day 2 of the Redbull tourney, the main deck is the same that won a MagicFest Online by Channel Fireball. I changed a few things in the sideboard but as I was saying the whole thing is pretty much stock and can’t be changed.

Key Cards 


Image 1downloadImage 2



The most important cards of the deck are Edgewall Innkeeper that makes you draw cards and fill up again your hand playing your creatures, Lucky Clover that is a way your “Companion” give the deck consistency, copying all your adventure spells, you make on turn 2 and you probably start playing a “different” game from the opponent, Beanstalk Giant that with Clover make you ramp and go over the top of other decks. Escape to the Wilds that again ramp and “draw” cards to help you keep having “gas”. A special mention goes to Fae of Wishes that give you access to the Sideboard where you can find solutions, more card draw and also my favourite finisher Fling that can throw a big Beanstalk Giant to the opponent face (Remember that you can also copy Fling with Expansion // Explosion and deal twice the damage).

Obviously also all the rest of the adventures of the deck are really important to the game plan, Lucky Clover is always happy to copy all of them.

The 2 flex spots of the deck in this list are used for Adventorous Impulse that I found quite interesting because in the first turns it might be helpful to find a land, but if you draw it later on it is nice to search for a creature. Other cards that I tried in those 2 spots are Growth Spiral to ramp even more and faster, Nissa, Who Shakes the World to go absolutely over the top with all the lands you ramped into ( I personally did not like to much Nissa in this deck because most of the time she’s just a win more that you don’t need), Of One Mind that is most of the time a nice divination for 1 mana (remember that Lovestruck Beast makes Human tokens), it’s also possible to play some counters in the main deck for this meta, like Disdainful Stroke or Mystical Dispute.

I mean you can try quite a lot different things in those flex spots, this are some of the cards I’ve tried or saw else playing.




The strength of this deck it is as I already mentioned the flexibility, you can play and aggro game with Lovestruck Beast and Bonecrusher Giant clearing the board from small blockers and attacking with big creatures. But you can also play more a tempo/late game with the help of Lucky Clover and Beanstalk Giant, Escape the to Wilds to go over the top and get resources. Using Brazen Borrower to make tempo and pull out some damage in the air and then just finish off the opponents attacking with the Beanstalk Giant maybe with trample equipping it with Shadowspear fetched from the sideboard with the Fae or just with Fling. You could also just get lucky, as the Clover and see more then one and kill the opponent with an army of Human tokens and some copied Stomps of Bonecrusher Giant.

The most important thing as I said in the key cards is to have Lucky Clover and Edgewall Innkeeper in the first turns, one of the best start of the deck is definitely turn 2 Clover, turn 3 Beanstalk and from there the game will feel downhill for you.

Tips and Tricks


One important thing you have to keep in mind when you have Lucky Clover is that when you play an Adventure spell you target with the original first and then with the copies, remember this because let’s say you are trying to kill a creature and you target that with the original Stomp and then with the copies, well if the creature dies before the original Stomp resolve you are still resolving the copies but the original Stomp will find no target and the Bonecrusher Giant will go into the graveyard instead of the adventure zone and that would be a shame. The same thing is for Brazen Borrower if you have Clover and the opponent has only one permanent you have to target that twice with the result that the copy will bounce the permanent and the original will be countered because it doesn’t have a target anymore.

I already said this but I’d like to highlight that again, remember that you can copy Fling with Expansion // Explosion and deal twice the damage. It happens a lot that you have a Clover in play so when you play the “wish” side of the Fae of Wishes you can take both and then use them to kill the opponent even with a Lovestruck Beast, I mean 10 damage are not bad, right?! On this line remember that Teferi, Time Reveler stop you from copying spells with Expansion // Explosion.

Another good point is that Domri’s Ambush doesn’t only kill the creature to clear a possible attack but does also kill Planeswalkers in case you need to get rid of some annoying Planeswalker.

You’re getting low on resources and you just draw a Fae of Wishes you can get Once and Future and take back resources from your graveyard or Escape to the Wilds that is in the sideboard for that.

As you can see the deck does not really need to sideboard because Fae of Wishes can get you what you need from the sideboard, but you could also board in a couple cards and board out the 2 flex spot cards or 1 Escape to the Wilds when I’m playing against aggro, specially on the draw I like to have Flame Sweep and Storm’s Wrath, because you might not have time to wish for them and is worth losing 1 Escape to the Wilds and 1 flex spot to have them in the deck.


My Experience at the Redbull Untapped


Long story short as I said before I played this event with around 2500, 8 rounds of swiss and only 128 players making it to the Day2 that was single elimination. I will not go long taking about the games, most of the things I’ve done are just the ones I talked about in the paragraphs before, I mean yes a won a game with 4 Lucky Clover in play and 2 Stomp copied to kill the opponent, or attacking with an army of Human tokens, some 5/5 and an enormous Beanstalk Giant winning even if my opponent was over 40 life points, those are some examples of the things this deck can do.

My 8 rounds:

2-0 vs Bant Yorion

2-1 vs Jeskai Fires (Keruga)

2-1 vs Obosh Red

2-1 vs Jeskai Lukka (Yorion)

2-0 vs Jeskai Lukka (Yorion)

1-2 vs Jund played by Yuuki Ichikawa

2-1 vs Jeskai Lukka (Yorion)

ID vs Boros Cycling

As you can see in general the Yorion match up is not bad and in general in the whole tournament I felt that the deck was really solid, yes I’ve been lucky during the day. I was nearly always ahead in all the games I’ve played and the games I’ve lost where close. Jund was the only match up that I think was bad, in part because the pilot Ichikawa is a very good player (he made it to the semifinals in the end) and also because his list was built in a way that made it hard for me to win against it.

The Lukka match up was kinda easy also because unless they really fast steal all your lands, you have the way to attack and ramp fast enough to not give them space to deal with all your threats. Also you have a lot of ways to deal with their tokens. (If the token they target with the minus ability of Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast “disappear” the ability doesn’t work)

In the end of the day I was 104th and made it to Day 2 single elimination, where sadly I lost 1-2 against a Temur Flash/Reclamation, a bad match up as I was saying before and the complicity of not drawing red mana in game 3 made me lose a kind of close match and left me out of the tournament.



The meta might change every now and then, but Temur Adventure is apparently always a solid choice. And now that Lukka is a really common choice, Adventure might be a good weapon of choice. Consider that the 39% of the players in the day 2 of the tournament were playing Lukka. So maybe you should consider to try and have a new adventure playing Adventure (bad joke!?).

May the Lucky Clover be with you! 


Saverio Quinto aka Space Cowboy


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