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How to Make and Paint 2 Great Highland and Grassland Bases

Hello friends. Following my last article about how to choose a base, I’d like to show you today the process of making the actual base! In this case I choose that my model will be on some green highland base with a lot of grass on it. I will show you two examples how you can achieve this.


Time to collect all materials we will need for this project. Prepare everything before you start making bases.


Now after we have all materials handy we can start to work on our bases. For the start I will use Stirland Battlemire texture paint and apply it all over the base in even thick coat. This texture paint takes good amount of time to dry so i will leave it 1-2 hours to dry properly. I will do same process for both bases.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 1.38.39 PM
Application of Stirland Battlemire

After base is dry, I need to paint it. First color I will use will be Rhinox Hide and I will paint whole base with it. and leave it to dry. Then I start dry brushing base with layer of Mournfang Brown and then very light dry brush with Zamesi Desert or Zandri Dust depends which one you have.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 1.47.49 PM
Dry Brushing the base

Decorating the Base

Now it is time to start putting grass on bases. For my first example i will make base which contains lot of higher grass. I will use grass tufts and group them on the side of base to create little path in the middle. At this point is good to plan how will model stand on the base so you have idea where to place grass.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 1.57.23 PM
Graff Tufts on the base

To add more variety to base I will add some of the leaves from Herbal tea bag, which i broke and emptied in a container. I will use super glue and place it on base and leave it to dry.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 2.03.19 PM
Application of tea bag contents

And this that will be our first example done. For second variation i will use static grass. To glue this grass to the base this time I will use PVA glue. I will apply this glue with some old brush to the base, and as well create little path in middle and plan where will my model stand. Don’t worry that this glue is white because when completely dry it will become transparent.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 2.11.25 PM
Base with PVA glue on it

Now we will apply static grass on it. I will take it from container and just easily spread it all over the glue. At this moment i will try to maximize the coverage of base but not over do it. After  I was happy with amount of grass on it i blow some air straight onto the base, that makes the grass stand straight up.

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 2.18.31 PM
Base with static grass

And for the finishing touch like i previous example i will use some contents from my tea bag and put fee leaves and branches as decoration.

Final Touches

To complete the base i will paint rims of my bases black. This part is optional and it depends how do you want to match base with rest of your army. I find it that black rims match everything and always paint rims black, but thats my personal preference. All this materials are available in Battlezone so it will be easy to start making this base. I also did full video guide on my youtube channel. Thanks for reading and see you in the next article where I will show you how to make some colder regions bases.


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