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The Basics of Making and Painting Bases

Hello friends, in my first article i would like to talk about bases for our minis. From the smallest mini to the biggest titan in our collection we can all agree that a well done base is half the look of our miniature.

While making bases we need to keep in mind that we don’t want to pull the focus away from our model. We still want our model to shine and to be centerpiece . Also we don’t want to spend fortune on basing materials. We can use things found around us. Let’s talk about this a little more.


If you look around you will find basing material almost everywhere.  Just going outside and picking up some sand and wood roots will solve our gravel or earth problem. Used corks from bottled drinks or old used cork boards can be used to create different shapes on stones and cliffs. If you open any herbal teabag and use its contents you will get lot of small branches and leaves. And broken slates we can be used as stones. I usually use some left overs of model sprues, like broken shields or skulls.

Also some stuff we can buy as well. I always have grass tufts from different manufactures by hand. And i love to use texture paints because they are adding another level to our base.

  • IMG 20200424 124945 1
     bag contents
    IMG 20200425 160311
    Slate pieces

Building the base

Now we start building base! Less is more! We don’t want to overload our base by putting too many things on it. It needs to remain simple but striking – in doing so our model will still be the focus of attention. Usually spreading sand all over the base and adding one to two stones and one to two grass tufts will be enough.

IMG 20200425 162005

Painting your base

When it comes to painting, i usually apply basic colors on the base and wash them. And for the highlights I do dry brushing only. Because i don’t want to spend more time on painting the base than a model, unless it is for competition. Also always paint the rim of your base. I like painting all rims black.

Hope this short article helped you with the basics of making some bases. Catch me here, on instagram or on youtube 🙂

My next article will be a video and will teach you how to to make and paint Highland and Grassland bases!

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