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Kal Petkov

Arena Cube Primer

The time is finally here! A couple of days ago the Arena Cube premiered on MTG Arena in its long anticipated 8-player draft form. Many of us are familiar with

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Dante the Snake MTG Games

How companions changed the meta!!!

Welcome to the guide to companions. If you want to use companions like a pro, read this NOW! My name is Dante, and this is the ultimate independent and unofficial guide to MTG companions.

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The Magic: The Gathering community started picking up in the UAE back in 2002, when it was mostly played at the Emirates International School. In 2004, Olivier moved to the UAE and got involved in the community by establishing an online platform called Wizard of the Gulf Coast and organizing meet-ups in various locations across Dubai, including the first official tournaments in the country. Very soon, we felt the need to give this evergrowing community a real home, and thus BattleZone was born. Starting as a family-run 250sqft retail store and gaming area at Al Safa Centre’s Park’n’Shop in 2008, we relocated to Jumeirah Centre in 2014, where gamers and customers now enjoy 2000sqft of combined retail space, hobby stations, custom-made gaming tables and a chill-out lounge where they can take full advantage of the following:

  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff: all of which gamers
  • Official store for Magic the Gathering (WPN), Yu-Gi-Oh! (Konami) & Pokemon Organized Play
  • Over 300 in-store activities organized each year
  • Open 6 days a week, sometimes even 7 days a week depending on activities schedule & pre-releases
  • Free gaming space available all year around, especially during weekends & Public Holidays
  • Free demos & boardgames available on demand, scheduled workshops
  • Lounge area, Locker services and so much more!

MTG Community

Beginnings of a
gaming community
in local schools

Wizards of the Gulf Coast

Olivier, owner of BattleZone,
moves to UAE
and starts the MTG forum

First Store

250sqft retail store
and gaming area

New Home

BattleZone relocates
to a new space
with a variety of
dedicated gaming areas